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Divine Feminine
Gold-Laden Art
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Who Is 
Jay Percy The Artist?
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British Artist Jay Percy possesses a great love for the seen and unseen realms and reflects this lovingly in her feminine, Afro-psychedelic inspired artwork. 

Using vibrant hues and lashings of sumptuous gold, she captures the joy of existing as an extension of source energy and a divine feminine being within the natural world. 

Her work has been praised for it's vibrancy, inspirational nature and empowering approach towards African Diasporic Spirituality and raw femininity.

Starting in childhood, Jay has dedicated her existence to understanding the meaning of life and expressing this through her abundant creativity. To the development of her immense talent, Jay has created an incredibly impressive portfolio of work.

Jay has had works displayed at The National Maritime Musueum, Trafalgar Square and Channel 4’s Big Breakfast Reboot. She runs workshops that combine art and spirituality, encouraging those she meets to engage in mindful creative practices to reignite the relationship to self. 


Now you can brighten your abode with original Jay Percy Art in a number of ways...

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