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Obeah Woman, Ancestor, Healer,
wooden flower of life sign texture backg

The weird and wonderful psychedelic art you'll find here endeavours to document the most ethereal of realms.


Psychedelia, Goddess worship and the other-worldly collide in artistic ecstasy to create gold-laden, luxurious art to accent your abode 

wooden flower of life sign texture backg

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For commissions, live art, psychedelic art, exhibitions or enquiries, please, get in touch using the form. 

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Palm Trees
wooden flower of life sign texture backg

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& Save Our

Beautiful Planet 

Our Earth- She's plentiful & loving- If we love her back

More than three billion people will be living in places with "near un-liveable" temperatures by 2070. 

Unless greenhouse gas emissions fall, large numbers of people will experience average temperatures hotter than 29C. (source: bbc, 2020)

That's why 10% of all profits from my psychedelic art goes to Community Carbon Trees, planting trees on the equator where it's needed most. Click Here to find out more.