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Behind the Art...

Sacred and Afro- Psychedelic Art Creator Jay Percy The Artist...

For Jay Percy, art is a primal practice that connects us to Ancestral Strength, Sacred Healing and the Divine Cosmos .  


Growing up in East London surrounded 30-year-old Jay with a multicultural environment, and a close proximity to Epping Forest. From her time spent in Forests and taking trips to the beaches of her Ancestral home Antigua, Jay possesses a long-lasting love for divine nature. This theme is present throughout her artwork, where she makes romantic references to water and flora. 


An Obeahwoman and Spiritworker, Afro-Caribbean Cosmologies lie at the forefront of Jay Percy’s psyche and art. Themes include African Diaporic loss of Indigenous Spirituality in addition to reminders of the strength we can all find by reconnecting with the Animist practices respective to our Ancestral homelands, prior to Colonisation.


Jay Percy works with acrylics and hand sews cowries and crystals directly onto canvas. She combines her love of highly saturated colours and royal golds with African Orisha worship, psychedelic print, and fundamental belief in the right to explore one's own consciousness.


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My art piece from Jay Percy is called 'She', it's kept high up on the wall of every place I've lived. I love how she has captured energy and me in my favorite place, Saturday vibes at home wearing a head wrap. You feel so much sensuality when you look at it.


It's exactly something I didn't know I needed but definitely do now I have it! The longer I stare at it the more in love I fall!


Baby P went straight for the boob, and then kept pointing at Baby P! I love everything about it!

Baby & Mum