A charity piece created for Black Minds Matter UK


'Two Ships'

Today is a tale
Of two ships in the night
Once peaceful existence
Obstructed by Blight

These ships don't cross paths
And they never collide
Yet tell poignant stories
Connected through pride

Bittersweet joining
Ancestor and Daughter
So distant in timescale
But linked through water

Marks Blighty's Murdering hand
With ships setting sail to
Distant sacred land

With Empire in mind
Carried across ocean
A future of hardship
New fate in motion

Architects, builders,
Storytellers, Teachers
Healers, Astronomers
Potters and leaders

"Greeted" by slavors
And traded like cattle
And we their descendants
Gained unchosen battle

Not slaves but enslaved
Heritage disbanded
Generational costs
Spiritually stranded

History repeats
On an ex Nazi ship
Renamed, known as Windrush
An overseas trip

Driven Descendants tried
To make do with the hand
That empire supplied

Commonwealth promised
Carried across ocean
Vowed opportunity
New hope in motion

Engineers, scholars
Students, homemakers
A Judge and a hatter
Sailed from Jamaica

Welcomed by racists
No Dogs, Irish, Blacks
"This isn't your country
Why don't you go back"?

Wage slaves with big dreams
I thank our foremothers
They did what was best and
Powered through but suffered

We're told to forget
"It wasnt in your day"
But trauma still carries
Through our DNA


Forced colourism
By Slavor Willie Lynch
And gaslit and beaten
And told not to flinch?


Sending back Grandparents
Who don't know Jamaica
And keeping up statues
Of satanic slavors


Defunding state schools
Police Brutality
Disparaging culture
They're draining our sanity

We've sailed and we've sailed
Through theft and coercion


A new dawn is coming
And through our assertion

We'll build and we'll build
So that next time they come
With ships or false promise
Police, crack or guns

Unity will be
On the tips of all tongues
We'll cry revolution
At top of our lungs

Mami Wata ne'er
Again wrongly used
To carry our labour
And leave us abused

Two ships in the night
That never collide
Descendants of passengers
Let's stand in our pride



    Acrylic on Canvas

    24"X 36"


    Two Ships

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